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Transcreation combines translation and creative copywriting. The result is a text that not only conveys the content in a different language, but that also preserves the impact of the customer’s original message. To ensure that your idea resonates with the reader, it must be written in clear and expressive language that is adapted to the specific culture. Our experienced translators at exact! are well equipped for this task: As native speakers, they know the target culture extremely well.

“Who is saying what, using which channel and to what effect?”

The transcreation process is not a matter of following the obligatory steps according to Lasswell’s model of communication, it is more about looking at the bigger picture. With transcreation, what really matters is how you say something. The translator is on a quest to find exactly the right words and will not stop until this is accomplished. The text structure also needs to be adjusted so that the reader’s train of thought is guided in the desired direction. The time aspect should therefore not be underestimated when working on transcreation projects. Background information such as the target group, the purpose of the text and the required tone also plays a key role.

For exact!, transcreation is not new territory – quite the contrary: We have extensive experience in this area. What do your texts need?

Our expert project managers will be happy to advise you: Call us on 0621 / 12068-11. You can find more information on our transcreation services here.

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