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Effective communication is based on structured terms, unique designations and clear definitions. This is precisely what terminology as a discipline sets out to ensure. Over the last 25 years, in parallel with globalisation and digital transformation, it has developed into a highly specialised field. Businesses with state-of-the-art machines and processes protect their investments by using qualified experts and through diligent maintenance and care. A professional approach to technical documentation and high-profile texts is no less important. This is where terminology comes in.

This year, our team was delighted to have its expertise as a terminology service provider affirmed. The Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union awarded us the contract for “TERMINOLOGY16”, a tender for terminology-related services involving the highest quality standards.

exact! demonstrates excellence in terminology

exact! beat all other competitors for the language pair English/German and achieved 1st place. Aspects taken into consideration included linguistic and technical resources, workflows, risk management and the qualifications of the team. For the preceding tender to translate terminology lists, TERM15, exact! was also ranked 1st place in 2016.

“TERMINOLOGY16” involves preparing bilingual glossaries for various subject areas, such as education, employment, transport, research and innovation, energy, chemistry, trademark and copyright law, finance and consumer protection. The terms and designations in these subject areas are arranged in hierarchies, provided with definitions, source references and context examples, and made available in electronic databases.

Recording and maintaining terminology in this way also offers businesses a host of financial benefits. Internal and external communication is more coherent, comprehension problems are avoided, and product conformity as well as legal security are supported.

Terminology is worth the effort!

Good reasons for implementing terminology:

  • Company-wide reservoir of knowledge and consistent use of language
  • Makes e-commerce and catalogue use easier
  • Supports integrated work processes
  • Efficient localisation
  • Effective branding

Benefit from our expertise in the area of terminology and make your texts more transparent and user-friendly. This also saves unnecessary expenditure. After all, defined terms cut costs and increase quality.

We are happy to advise you. exact! experts can produce translations quickly using our terminology databases.
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