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SAP is provided in more than 40 languages. However, in-house developments, add-ons and customising need to be translated into the relevant country’s language when it comes to global rollouts. This requires special linguistic, technical and process-related knowledge that very few companies have.

As a certified SAP translation partner, exact! provides you with these services from a single source!

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exact! is an SAP language service partner (LSP)

exact! translators are experts in specialist SAP language and can translate your systems (UI), documentation, training materials, white papers and more.

As a language service partner for SAP, exact! is always in tune with the latest software developments in the translation industry. For example, exact! translators have been dealing with machine translation in their day-to-day work for several years now.


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exact! SAP translation services

Project management – for a successful rollout

We advise you from start to finish, take care of project management, organise the necessary resources and keep track of costs and deadlines.


Consistent use of defined terms increases the quality of your texts and saves time and money. We identify relevant terms in your texts and prepare a terminology list for subsequent projects on this basis.


exact! takes care of software localisation, translates technical documentation and white papers, training materials, brochures and websites, etc.

Quality assurance

At exact!, we follow clearly structured processes for processing your translation requests. Our quality management system is certified in accordance with the current ISO 9001:2015 standard. Meticulous working methods and strict QA checks increase the quality of our translations.

Global network – ASAP Globalizers

asap Globalizers

ASAP Globalizers is a network of SAP translation partners with 37 locations in 20 countries and its headquarters in Cologne. Like exact!, each partner is a member of the SAP PartnerEdge programme for translation services or for language consultancy.

ASAP Globalizers not only covers a wealth of SAP languages. Its locations throughout the world allow global rollouts and translations to be ensured at the highest level. In addition to translation services, ASAP Globalizers also provides the required technical and process-related SAP expertise.

  • SAP language consultancy

  • Scoping
  • Advice
  • Determining the scope of the translation
  • ROI analysis
  • Process optimisation
  • SAP translation service

  • Translation
  • Project management
  • Terminology
  • Translation
  • Quality assurance
  • SAP language consultancy

  • Provision
  • Integrating the SAP Translation Hub
  • Setting up SE63 and transporting the translated objects
  • Technical support and training in SE63
  • Delta management and reusing translations

Pinpointing your message: How you benefit

We translate for SAP and SAP customers. Be it translating software, documentation or training materials in an SAP environment: we are experts. One example of our expertise is the translation of SAP Notes. This requires our complete SAP know-how. SAP Notes are documents with fixes for SAP systems and contain explanatory text, instructions and interface elements to translate, for example. SAP has relied on exact!’s expert translators for more than twenty-five years.

Every conventional SAP system has the translation environment SE63. As an SAP translation partner, we have the necessary expertise for managing and translating such texts.

Our localisation package:

  • Preparing the SAP translation environment directly in your system
  • Setting up and maintaining project terminology
  • Creating work packages for the translators
  • Translating the content
  • Setting up a translation memory for reusing available translations and ensuring consistency
  • Testing the localised interfaces

exact! translators have extensive SAP experience, gleaned from translation projects for SAP as well as for SAP customers. With our know-how in various SAP modules, we are ideally equipped to translate your SAP documentation. If required, we research the interface elements in your SAP system. This allows you to concentrate fully on the accuracy of the documentation in the target language.

Our services:

  • Translating your documentation regardless of the file format
  • Complying with SAP terminology
  • Researching interface elements directly in the system if required

We train our SAP translators. The translation of your SAP training materials can benefit from this extensive experience, too.

Our services in this area:

  • Translating your training materials regardless of the file format
  • Complying with SAP terminology
  • Researching interface elements directly in the system if required
  • Localise SAP software
  • Translate SAP documentation
  • Translate SAP training materials

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