exact! Services are a PLUS for your texts. Our services enhance and optimise your translation.

A strong range of services. exact! provides you with valuable services to optimise your texts and translation processes. How can we support you beyond our translation service? Read all about our services here: Proofreading and editing, terminology and alignment.

The icing on the cake. We know how to get the most out of your translation. Our additional services allow us to enhance and optimise your texts before or after translation. What we offer: For reuse, express delivery, or a certified translation. What can we do for you? Here is a summary of the extra services we provide:


Machine translation can offer valuable support for certain text types, particularly for standardised ones. However, it can also produce gross errors in terms of content and terminology, making it by no means a replacement for human translators. The editing of machine translation results by a qualified translator is referred to as post-editing.

In the case of full post-editing, the post-edited result must be of the same quality as a first-class human translation. The post-editor not only checks the translation against the content of the original, but also pays attention to proper terminology, smooth style and overall consistency. Translations like this are suitable for publication and speak the customer’s language.

In order to accommodate the different needs and wishes of our customers, we additionally have a process for light post-editing. This service largely leaves the machine translation results unchanged – meaning that inconsistent terminology and awkward style are not corrected. The translation is only checked for accuracy in terms of content.

Since November 2021, exact! has been certified in accordance with the ISO 18587 standard on requirements for the post-editing of machine translations. We consult with you during every post-editing order to determine your exact requirements for the translation. We can additionally advise you on whether the machine translation results for your text provide a suitable and economically feasible basis for post-editing.


Do you need your advertising message to come across just as well in other languages as in the source language? Then transcreation is exactly what you need: This is a combination of translation and copywrighting. At exact!, we know: Texts only have an impact when they are authentic and grounded in the target culture.

To ensure that a text has the same impact in the target language as in the source language, we adapt the content and structure as required, while retaining the original message. The most important goal: The text must win over the reader – with regard to your product and your company. 

We particularly recommend transcreation for marketing texts, including:

  • Advertisements
  • Websites
  • Press releases
  • Product brochures
  • Flyers
  • Social media content, such as blog posts

What do your texts need? Be it translation or transcreation – we are happy to advise you. Let us know the purpose of the text, your target group and the publication type. The more background information we have, the better the end result. We tailor the text to your precise requirements.

Proofreading, editing and revision

When proofreading, the focus is on the linguistic correctness of a text. This means we primarily check your texts with regard to grammar, spelling, sentence structure and punctuation. If the texts are already in the desired layout, we also pay attention to line breaks and sensible hyphenation at the end of a line. An example: The word poetic is to be split. If the hyphen is placed after the first syllable, po- the word will immediately be read and understood correctly, whereas splitting the word after poe- may lead to misunderstandings. Proofreading is frequently requested not only for conventional print media but also digital content.

Editing goes one step further. Here, we additionally check the text for consistency, style and idiomatic language, meaning we ensure that your texts read fluently and pay attention to the characteristics of the language in question. You can really benefit from our expertise when preparing for a translation: We can get your text up to scratch by editing it prior to translation. This makes it easier to understand and makes the translation process more efficient. Editing is especially advisable for texts that were not written by native speakers.

Revision is always bilingual. Here, we compare a source and a target text and check linguistic, formal, content-related and stylistic aspects of the target text. For a translation, this means: Do the source text and target text match in terms of content and style? Every language has its own special characteristics that need to be considered. We take these into account and also perform thorough research. This ensures that your translation also expresses precisely what you wanted to say.

Among other things, we support you with all your customer communication and also check:

  • Presentation documents
  • Newsletter texts
  • Blog posts
  • Letters

Do your texts deserve a final polish? We are more than happy to take care of this. Contact us! Or send us your texts straight away via our quotation request.


Terminology refers to the body of concepts and terms used within a company or specialist area. When setting up corporate terminology, the specialist terms to be used in internal and external communication are defined precisely. This can be done on a monolingual basis for your overall corporate language and for all languages that are relevant for your worldwide communication.

The benefits for you are clear here, too: Quality assurance and reuse Having a clearly defined list of terms increases quality and cuts costs, and can also benefit your company in other ways: A consistent use of wording in all media reinforces the corporate image and helps to maintain the individual brand image. And that is not all. Using product names and specialist expressions consistently prevents unfortunate or even harmful misunderstandings.

Our support:

  • Do you have your own terminology list already? Then all you need to do is send it to us. Our translators will access it and use your specific terminology in your translation projects.
  • Naturally, we can also translate your terminology into the required target language.
  • Is your terminology database in need of an overhaul? We can evaluate your existing terminology and work with you to straighten out your corporate language.

Use your own glossary, which clarifies your specialist expressions for internal and external means of communication. We will be happy to compile a company dictionary for you in the languages you require. Contact us!

At exact! we use terminology database systems from the top providers in the market. Read more about our terminology services under systems.

The team at exact! includes two translators who has been certified as terminology specialists by the German Terminology Association. This is supplemented by regular participation in relevant training courses to secure our terminology expertise.


Sometimes, your source texts and their translations are not yet stored in a translation memory system. To benefit from the advantages of translation memory, it is worth performing an alignment. Here, we transfer texts that have already been translated into a translation memory (TM) system. The corresponding alignment tool breaks the text down into segments (e.g. sentences or paragraphs) and displays them in the source and target languages. A translator checks the automatically aligned segments and corrects and confirms them. The checked segments are then imported into a new or existing TM as translation units, and can thus be used again for future translations.

We will be happy to prepare multilingual texts for you in this way, and would then provide you with the finished TM. Naturally, exact! can also create a TM in preparation for a translation order.

If you have any further questions, please call us on +49 (0)621 12068-11. We will be happy to help.

Translation memory for reuse

A translation memory is a database that stores translations. Texts that have already been translated are stored here in a structured manner and can thus be used again. While we translate, our TM system compares the text to translate with the stored translations. If the system finds a complete or partial match (known as a fuzzy match), this is displayed automatically as a suggested translation. This allows us to reuse a translation that has already been checked. How you benefit: Lower costs and a higher level of quality. After all, something that has been translated precisely already can be reused to the benefit of new texts.

Setting up and maintaining translations memories is one of our core competencies at exact!. We work with tried-and-tested, reliable tools. Find out more under systems or get in touch with us!

Express translations

If you have a very urgent deadline, we will be happy to provide an express translation. We are committed to ensuring prompt delivery.

Please contact our project managers. We will check our available capacity and send you a quotation right away. Contact us by phone on +49 (0)621 12068-11 or via our quotation request.

Certified translations

Certificates and other official documents often need to be translated into other languages. This usually requires a certified translation. This is provided by a certified translator, who certifies that the translated content is accurate and complete using an appropriate stamp.

If you require a certified translation for administrative offices and authorities, then exact! is your go-to partner. Contact us!

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