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ABB Automation GmbH

ABB Automation GmbH provides end-to-end technical solutions for all industry sectors in the area of process automation and is a leading provider of industry robots.

Since 1999, we have been translating texts for ABB in the areas of automation, mesaurement and control technology, machine safety and motor controllers from English into German and vice versa. This included various different types of texts: Product descriptions, brochures, catalogues, operating instructions, safety manuals.

In addition to these technical documents, we have also translated PR and marketing texts including press releases, presentations and website content.

We were always happy with exact!’s work, in terms of both the quality of the services and their professionalism. Our delivery deadlines were always met. We are grateful to the exact! team for their excellent collaboration over the years and we are certainly happy to recommend them. We look forward to continuing this superb collaboration in the years to come.

Mona Wendlandt, Marketing Communications BU Control Technologies at ABB Automation GmbH

AKG Software Consulting GmbH

AKG Software Consulting GmbH provides software for the area of infrastructure planning, including spatial planning and road construction.

exact! has been providing translations for AKG Software Consulting GmbH since April 2004. Over the years, we have translated approx. 1,500 pages from German into English in the area of road and rail construction. The various text types translated included documentation, user manuals, software messages and interface texts.

Commerzbank AG

Commerzbank is a leading international bank, which provides it private and business customers as well as institutional investors with a comprehensive portfolio of banking and capital market services.

We have been providing translation services to Commerzbank since 1996. In this area, too, we have translated texts in a host of different subject areas. Texts include accounting guidelines (IAS), internal manuals and newsletters, user guides for financial and banking software as well as internal information relating to the equity requirements of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision: Basel II and III

Deutsche Telekom AG

Deutsche Telekom AG has been our customer since 1994. We have brought our full expertise to bear for Europe’s leading telecommunications provider. In addition to technical documentation for hardware products and software solutions, we have also translated presentation documents for internal training, website content and specialist texts in the area of telecommunications and IT.

As a company with international operations, Telekom requires a language services provider that covers all the bases. exact! was happy to take on this role and, among other orders, translated a group policy into 27 languages, including from English into several European languages as well as Finnish, Japanese and Korean.


EPI-USE Labs is an international software company that has been making use of our translation services since the end of 2008. For this customer, exact! has completed online translations in the SAP environment as well as translating software and marketing documentation (e.g. user manuals, brochures, press releases) from English into German, French and Spanish and from German into English.

exact! always delivers exceptional work, both in terms of high-quality translations as well as professional project management. They have never missed a deadline, and this is something we really value.“ 

Magdaleen Kotzé, Marketing, EPI-USE Labs


The European Commission

The European Commission is one of the key institutions of the European Union. The main tasks of the European Commission are to propose EU legislation and the corresponding measures. The institution also monitors the extent to which its rules and measures are implemented. The diversity of the political areas covered by the European Commission is vast. Its fields of activity range from agriculture and social affairs, the economy, law and finance through to external relations and tourism.

A new EU directive in one of these areas is translated gradually into the 24 official EU languages and subsequently published. To select its translation service providers, the EU has defined its own tendering process. The EU performs extremely rigorous quality controls and only works with agencies and translators who meet these requirements continuously. This also involves regular evaluations of the service providers.

exact! has extensive experience of translating EU texts and ensuring that the language used is clear and comprehensible. During the 15 years that we have worked for the European Commission, we have translated a wealth of different text types from English into German, from high-profile texts and texts with a high degree of technical content through to complex legislation and legal drafts. The Directorate General for Translation (DGT), the internal languages division of the European Commission, confirmed our excellent translation services again in 2016.

We successfully met the high standards for translation quality. Our years of experience of translating for the EU has allowed us to reinforce our strength –  engaging and getting to grips with new texts and subjects. This flexibility has become part of exact!’s arsenal of expertise.

Full evaluation from the DGT

“Goldene Gans” hotel

The “Goldene Gans” is a small hotel with traditional charm. Located in the “grid city” of Mannheim, just like exact!, the “Goldene Gans” is one of our local translation customers. The hotel’s guest information is now available for international guests in English. We really enjoyed working on this small translation project. exact! is also your expert point of contact for requests with a small translation volume.


IMAP M&A CONSULTANTS AG is a consulting company specialising in the acquisition and sale of medium-sized enterprises and holdings. For this customer, we have translated texts in the area of mergers and acquisitions, including company presentations, brochures and extracts from balance sheets.

Publik. Agentur für Kommunikation GmbH

We have been working for the communication agency Publik, based in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, regularly since 2008, providing translations in multiple language combinations. We have translated a diverse array of marketing texts for internal and external communication from German into English, French and Italian. The agency also values our English language expertise; for example, when translating English texts into German, Spanish and Russian.


What I value above all about exact! is the high quality of the translations, even for complex topics, and their flexibility. We can always rely on exact!, especially when time is of the essence. And last but not least, the exact! team is really great to work with on a personal level.

Bernhard Schenk, senior PR consultant at Publik. Agentur für Kommunikation GmbH, Ludwigshafen


SAP SE has its headquarters in Walldorf, Baden Württemberg and, based on the company’s sales, it is Europe’s largest software manufacturer. From a worldwide perspective, SAP SE is ranked fourth. The focus of the software giant’s business is on developing programs to perform all company processes, starting from order receipt through to production, delivery and invoicing.

We have been translating for SAP with the language combinations German to English and English to German since 1994. In Germany, we support SAP in multiple subject areas, but mainly with regard to software localisation and the translation of SAP Notes. Our SAP translation portfolio also includes technical documentation, presentations and press releases. We also completed an extensive revision of several training documents for SAP systems with our customary high level of accuracy.

SAP Schweiz AG

SAP Schweiz AG has been an exact! customer since 2004. Our translation quality and the diverse range of languages we offer makes us an attractive asset for this SAP subsidiary. We primarily translate consultant profiles, but we also translate texts for internal communication. exact! frequently provides support in the language combinations German to English and English to German, as well as further languages such as French and Italian. SAP Schweiz AG also relies on exact! to revise internal documents: An English text was fine-tuned by our English native speakers, for example.

Software AG

Software AG, which is headquartered in Darmstadt, is among the largest German providers of corporate software. With its extensive product and service portfolio, Software AG provides innovations that help customers to assert themselves in the digital world.

exact! has been providing translations from English to German for Software AG since August 1998. Since the beginning of our collaboration, we have translated texts with a total volume of around 1,000 pages from the varied field of information technology, including press releases, fact sheets, newsletters, blog articles and white papers.

“We have always been extremely pleased with exact!’s work and, above all, appreciate their expertise in the area of information technology, which is reflected in the translation quality. Professional project management and absolute adherence to delivery schedules round off their profile.”

Martina Schrack-Teichmann

Senior Manager, Internal Communications

Software AG

scanware electronic GmbH

scanware develops and produces systems for quality control on packaging lines in the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetics industries. We have been translating technical documents, such as manuals and product descriptions, as well as brochures and press releases for the German system manufacturer since 2013. Our work for scanware has involved translations from German into Bulgarian, Dutch, English, French, Greek, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

“With exact!, we can always rely on first-rate translations and on-time delivery. Our requests are handled promptly and straightforwardly by the friendly project management team. We are grateful to exact! for the excellent and long-standing collaboration and will continue to rely on them in the future for accurate translations. We would definitely recommend exact! Sprachenservice GmbH.”

Gunther Schmidt

Director of Documentation

scanware electronic GmbH

The Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union

The Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union processes the translation requests of all the EU agencies and offices. All requests for the official languages of the European Union, of which there are currently 24, are processed by the internal Translation Department. The translation orders are assigned by the Demand Management Section. This department also assigns public contracts to freelance translators and external translation agencies in the form of tenders.

exact! has been working for the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union since 1998. We largely translate texts from English into German. This includes documents relating to internal corporate communication, such as annual reports and minutes. We are also tasked with translating terminology lists on a regular basis. In addition, our translators have worked on translation orders from French and Spanish into German.

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